Welcome to Terra Kéltica, we are Alberto and Judith, Golden Retriever's family kennel placed in A Coruña (Galicia).

Judith, Oran, Sasha and Alberto in Sully Sur Loire, september 2006.

        We knew this wonderful race in the year 1999 with Oran de Cal Arana, our first golden and base of our breeding-place Terra Kéltica, it was the one that made us love this race and since then to turn her into our major interest. We have few litters but we select and study all our matings in a responsible way, trying always to improve as far as possible.

       We do not look for the morphologic perfection if this carries to sacrifice so much the physical as mental health of the dog. We tend to the balance not to the perfection, because of it our aim is to obtain the healthiest and  most balanced possible Golden Retriever as for standard and character is concerned.

       We demand for our breeding dogs and bitches to be free of genetic diseases such as displasia of hip and elbows and ocular defects.

       In this web you can find information about the standard of the Golden Retriever, Test of Natural Aptitudes, pedigree of our dogs, our pets (Irixo and Mía, two cats Forest of Norway), results in exhibitions, galleries of photos, available puppies, links of Golden Retriever´s breeders in Spain and other countries, Canine Societies, Clubs of Race ... and last news.

        Thank you for visiting our web page.