Van de Beerse Hoeve Precious Delight
Fiveshills My Love of Splendour
Goldendogs Moondust
Jeaton Sequins
Laburnum Van de Issel Hoeve

Yours Sincerely

Remy Martin of Woburn Abbey
Amor D' Oro Amity Hills
Amroya v.d. Aorzelse Hoeve
Arrowsflight Barely Legal
Blooming Hill v.d. Bassanet
the Blue Village Bouncing
of the Brown Forrest Break of Dawn
v.d.Buitenpepers from Breenagh
Chairoezan's from Burnings Home
From The Cottage Flat Roof Canile Con Amore
from Chakka's Home Chapter Challenge
Circle of Friendship's Cooperscrossings
Covergirl's van de Dari Anding Mas
Dazzling Gold Diamond of Gentle
Double Touched Double Duty's
Dreamweaver of Duke's Place
Dutch Consolidation Easywoods
El Decafio v. Eik en Duinen
Evergold van Enckele Huyzen
Fields of Gold Fiveshill
Feelin Groovy's van Flolain
Forwardlooking Gamequest
from the Go-Getters v.d. Golden Angels
from the Golden Heaven from the Golden Character
Goldeneye of Sande of the Golden Destiny
Golden Fidelity Golden Goodness
of the Hellacious Acres From The Golden Twinkle
v.d. Golden Gollin Groenenborg
Golden Wish van het Golden Vlies
Gouden Spetters v.d. Issel Hoeve